Check your warm summer energy with these tarotscopes.

by Kelsey Sunstrum

Fasten your seatbelts, kids. Cancer season’s going to pack a punch! Case in point: over half the sun signs pulled a Major Arcana card to represent Cancer’s impact this year. That’s tarot-speak for big changes ahead! The Major Arcana points to significant shifts in the tapestry of our life and consciousness while the Minor Arcana and court cards signal more day-to-day, mundane experiences and embodiments of energy.

It’s important to remember that, while change, especially major change, can be intimidating and even downright scary, it’s the only constant in this life. How we deal with the ebbs…

The stars shine brightly over everyone’s life, but the lives of creatives like artists and musicians are often powerfully shaped by their placements and their connection to their birth chart. For a special installment of Beyond the Stars, we sat down with Mereba, who just released her new EP called AZEB, to talk about astrology, change, love, and hope.

Name: Mereba

Virgo Sun, Leo Moon

Pronouns: she/her

When did astrology enter your life?
I learned that I was a Virgo in my preteens and started researching my sun sign in particular. …

These tarotscopes give you a glimpse of your summer energy.

by Kelsey Sunstrum

We get a breath of fresh air with Gemini season! The air-ruled sign picks up the pace for us post-Taurean energy, which is extremely grounded and even slow at times. If we were doing the dirty work of planting, watering, tending our garden last month, this month has us sharing and analyzing the fruits of our labor!

That’s not to say it’s all sunshine and rainbows this season, however. Mercury, Gemini’s planetary ruler, is retrograde the majority of the time (from May 29 through June 22) which could cause a trip or fall if we move too…

Spring is here and so is your new tarotscope.

Taurus season is chill and thoughtful, a welcome change of pace after the bombastic high energy of Aries season. The natural world provides a mirror to the inner work we’re doing. We are preparing and tending our garden currently. In Aries season, we envisioned the lush garden and drew the blueprints. We poured our creative mind into its inception. In Taurus season, we get our hands dirty bringing this image into reality. We plant. We water. We weed. Then, we wait for results. Do the deliberate work to transform your ideas to tangible realities. Don’t trip over your feet rushing…

Find the relationship between your sign and the Major Arcana.

Astrology has been around since ancient times, so it’s not a surprise it’s intertwined with all sorts of mystical systems and tools. One of the most important relationships it has is with tarot — astrology helps share the meaning and the imagery of the cards, and specific signs have associations with particular cards in the major and minor arcana both. If you’re already in deep with your tarot journey, astrology’s associations with specific cards can help deepen your understanding of those cards when they appear. On the other hand, if astrology is already your comfort zone, learning the tarot cards…

Your sign can unlock relationships with crystals, plants, tarot, and more.

The more you learn about astrology, the more you learn about the way it underpins so much. It has relationships to tarot, herbalism, crystals, and so much more. These relationships are called “correspondences,” because each sign corresponds to particular kinds of herbs, crystals, or tarot cards (as a few examples.) Different traditions outline those relationships in different ways, but every sign has a particular energy that resonates in other objects and systems. Learning more about the resonances of each sign can help you understand how to harness them in everyday life.

To help you get started, we’ve paired some of…

The moon might be the key for finding self-care.

Taking care right now might feel more difficult than ever, but, there’s good news. The keys to an effective self-care toolkit can be found in one of the most accessible placements in your chart: your moon sign.

Humans have been fascinated by the moon for as long as we’ve been on Earth. It has been a major part of the world’s spiritual history, and for good reason. In astrology, the moon represents your needs and wants. Not just the emotional ones, mind you, the moon also rules what your body needs. …

These tarotscopes capture the energy for the astrological new year

by Kelsey Sunstrum

Aries season, as both the beginning of the astrological wheel of the year and the entry of the first cardinal sign, shifts the collective into an enterprising and visionary place where doors are opened, and paths are forged. In the last tarotscopes, we reflected on a year of COVID life. Nostalgia for the Before Times was palpable and heavy at times. Aries season’s arrival reminds us that possibility exists. It shifts the focus to the After Times. What do they look like? How can we start creating that future today? And how radical can we get with…

Want to learn a little more about the astrologers who teach you so much about yourself?

Welcome to Star Survey, a quick introduction to our favorite stargazers and cosmic authorities in our larger community.

Today, get to know Jo Gleason, the Oklahoma-based astrologer. You can read her writings on her website, and find her on Twitter and Instagram!

What is your sun, moon, and rising?

One thing I try to normalize is the idea that some folks aren’t comfortable sharing their SMR upon first meetings, and it’s not something I ask people myself; I wait until when/if they offer it willingly! I think it’s important to cultivate awareness around consent when inquiring about someone’s chart details…

Are we looking for love in all the wrong signs?

Have you ever looked back at your relationships and realized that you’ve only dated Sagittariuses? Are most of your friends Cancers? You wouldn’t be alone!

When you pay attention to astrology as a tool for love, these patterns start to make sense. You form relationships based on shared interests or values, so it’s understandable that you gravitate towards people with certain placements. (After all, your birth chart is fixed, so certain parts of your personality or desires might be, too.) If there’s a certain sign you’re always drawn to, look for where it falls in your chart. You can find…


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